Gapped Teeth: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Suggested Treatments


Gaps in Teeth

Many people can experience gaps in their teeth, whether they be small or large. This spacing can have an effect on how good your smile looks.

Gaps in the teeth are common for children who naturally lose their baby teeth, which will close or disappear as the adult ones push through. A gap between the top and front incisors is very common. Although gaps in the teeth are often unwanted, this feature can be considered an attractive trait by some.

What Causes Gaps In Teeth?

Gaps in the teeth can appear for a variety of reasons. We’ve mentioned children’s baby teeth naturally falling out, but adult teeth can also fall out. Tooth decay and/or gum disease (periodontitis) are the most common causes of teeth that fall out or need to be removed.

Good oral hygiene is important and is a subject we are passionate about at Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre. Our specialists will advocate the benefits of toothbrushing and the use of interdental brushes every day. However, for those who require a solution for missing teeth/gaps – we can always formulate a suitable solution.

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