Woman smiling after Smile Makeovers Heaton Orthodontic centre


Smile Makeovers

Creating smile makeovers in Manchester, Stockport

Have you spent years hiding your smile behind your hands? Do you avoid being in photos? Or have you become a master at smiling without showing your teeth or using gestures to distract people from looking at your mouth when you talk?

You’re not alone. We see a staggering number of patients who have wanted to change some aspect of their smile for most of their adult lives. Some even say that their feelings about their teeth are holding them back in some way.

We say enough is enough! Adult orthodontic treatment from Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre allows you to smile with pride and can completely makeover your smile. It may even change your life.

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Woman smiling after Smile Makeovers Heaton Orthodontic centre
Woman smiling after Smile Makeovers Heaton Orthodontic centre


What is a Smile Makeover at Heaton Mersey in Stockport, Manchester?

With smile makeovers, we look at how your teeth look at the moment – what are the alignment issues? Are there problems with your bite that need correcting? How do your teeth need to move to achieve the best harmony with the rest of your features and give your bite the best function? Do you need white fillings, veneers, crowns, clear braces, implants and/or tooth whitening to optimise the final result?

At our Stockport-based Orthodontic Practice, we look at every aspect of your smile and how your teeth currently bite together, as well as understand whether you have a deadline in mind, your budget, and any lifestyle factors that might influence which brace or aligner system you need, we can narrow down your choices and give you our expert recommendations.

How long does a Smile Makeover take at Heaton Mersey in Manchester?

At this stage, it’s hard to say how long your smile makeover would take as every case is different. Teeth straightening with systems such as Damon braces or Invisalign in Stockport can take between 12 and 24 months, especially if your case is more complex, while quick brace systems such as Six Month Smiles can complete some treatments in as little as six months.

When you come in for an initial consultation, we can give you a better idea of the timeline for your treatment.

Will people know I'm having a Smile Makeover?

At Heaton Mersey in Stockport, we have a fantastic choice of discreet adult orthodontic systems using clear fixed braces or removable aligners. Some of these systems are incredibly hard to spot and your treatment may go under the radar with most people that you meet.

Woman smiling after Smile Makeovers Heaton Orthodontic centre
Woman smiling after Smile Makeovers Heaton Orthodontic centre

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