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Common Concerns That Braces Can Fix

Common Concerns That Braces Can Fix

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Braces are no longer the unsightly, uncomfortable orthodontic devices they once were. Nowadays, there are lots of options for you and your smile – and tons of advantages to having them, too. Today, we’ll look at some common concerns that braces can fix. You may be surprised just how incredible these bits of dental apparatus… Continue reading >>


What To Expect After Your Braces Treatment

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So you’ve finished your braces treatment, and are now enjoying a boost to your confidence, a lovely straight smile, and even some benefits to your oral health (like making brushing easier, or even preventing bite problems). What’s next for your smile? In today’s post, our experts – who regularly treat patients in Stockport and surrounding… Continue reading >>


Caring For Your Braces

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As a team of dentists that serve the Manchester area, we’re well-versed in all things braces. Today, we’re imparting some of our knowledge and wisdom through a quick, FAQ-style post that asks common questions about how to look after your Invisalign braces, to ensure you get the best possible treatment outcome. Read on to find… Continue reading >>


Are Removable Braces Better Than Fixed Braces?

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Fixed braces might have been around a lot longer than removable ones, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better. Today, the dental team at our practice serving Manchester highlight some of the benefits of removable braces, and why they might be a great choice for straightening your smile. 1.Great all-round comfort Our removable Invisalign braces… Continue reading >>


Is Invisalign The Best Clear Brace?

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Wondering about your options for teeth straightening? Interested in braces, but looking for a clear and discreet option? Today, we’ll talk you through one of our favourites for no-fuss brace treatment: Invisalign. Is Invisalign the best brace? When choosing a brace, there are lots of things that factor into your decision, like cost, comfort, durability,… Continue reading >>

Are Damon Braces Right For You?

Are Damon Braces Right For You?

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Are you looking into braces to straighten your wonky teeth, close a gappy smile or correct a jaw problem? Whatever the scenario, our expert orthodontists can help. Based here in Stockport, we work hard to create functional smiles with an attractive aesthetic, so you can feel comfortable and confident whether you’re smiling, laughing, eating or… Continue reading >>

Clear braces Blog - Heaton Mersey Stockport

Clear braces: 5 Key Facts You Should Know

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Invisalign clear braces are taking the world by storm. Advances in smile correction treatments have taken a huge leap forward, and patients are delighted. Why wouldn’t they be? Instead of fixed wire and bracket braces, which are not only visible but can develop protruding wires if damaged, clear braces offer a discreet, safe solution. Here’s… Continue reading >>

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Am I Able To Have Invisalign Braces?

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Invisalign is one of the leading names in teeth straightening treatment, but what kinds of cases can it treat and is it suitable for you? We’ll aim to help you answer these questions in today’s post, put together by our expert dentists serving Stockport. So, what is Invisalign and how does it work? These clever… Continue reading >>

Damon Braces Blog - Heaton Mersey - Stockport

Our Guide To Getting Damon Braces

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Have you heard of Damon’s braces? They’re a great way to create a straighter, more uniform, more attractive smile. Here’s our guide to the treatment, offered by our orthodontists here in Stockport. What are Damon’s braces? They’re adjustable fixed braces, which get rid of the elastics and metal ties traditionally used in adult braces. They… Continue reading >>