1. You are self conscious about your smile

Generally speaking there are 3 reasons why people actively seek an orthodontist in Manchester. The most popular reason is because their teeth, or the teeth of the children, have always been out of alignment.

Perhaps your teeth have never been straight and it’s always bothered you, to the point of affecting the frequency with which you smile and you simply never got round to having them straightened? This is a common scenario.

2. Your teeth have shifted over time

The second most popular reason for orthodontic treatment is because teeth that were once straight, have shifted over time. This occurs due to repetitive biting and chewing motions. The teeth become unaligned. If you’re used to having confidence in your smile and facial appearance, it can be very frustrating to suddenly feel self-conscious about your teeth. However, in this situation, you may well find that the quickest solution is all you need. In as little as four months Six Month Smiles braces can straighten the front 6 teeth in your mouth.

3. You have problems with your bite

The third reason why you might need a Manchester orthodontist is not because you feel embarrassed about the look of your smile, but rather because you’ve been experiencing bite problems, the symptoms of which manifest themselves as headaches, jaw pain, or annoying clicking and popping noises. Braces can be used to correct a number of bite problems, giving you the added benefit of making your teeth straighter at the same time.

Why you should consider teeth straightening in Manchester

Straight teeth don’t just look attractive, they also make it easier for you to keep them cleaner. The tooth surfaces of straight teeth can be reached easily with your toothbrush. Overcrowded and overlapping teeth have edges that are hidden and it’s in these hidden edges that food deposits can be missed with your brush. When this happens, you’re not only at an increased risk of tooth decay, but also gum disease.

Our adult brace options

Here at the Heaton Mersey orthodontic practice in Manchester we see customers of every age looking for straightening treatment. The type of braces that will straighten your teeth most effectively, whilst fitting into your lifestyle as seamlessly as possible, depends on the malalignment problems that need to be fixed.

We treat each customer on an individual basis and a consultation with your Manchester-based orthodontist will provide you with a range of the best options available to you.

If you want to know the sort of difference we could make to the appearance of your smile, please get in touch with our very approachable reception team here at our Manchester practice and book yourself in for a consultation. We’ll be happy to examine your teeth with a view to offering you advice and suggestions on your best course of action to achieve a more attractive set of teeth.