Benefit 1: Clear

Yes, you heard that right! These really are clear braces, which makes treatment much more discreet than having fixed metal braces, with their wires and brackets. Even though technology has advanced and permanent braces can now be a little more subtle with clear or tooth-coloured elements, nothing compares to Invisalign’s clever clear brace construction. These are barely noticeable in your smile.

Benefit 2: Flexible

You’ll love the freedom that comes with Invisalign braces. Remove them anytime, anywhere – just as long as you follow your treatment programme and store them correctly! Compared to fixed metal braces, a dentist can only remove these at the end of your treatment. So with Invisalign, you can have a break when you need it most.

Benefit 3: Straightforward

Treatment couldn’t be easier with Invisalign. At your consultation, you’ll have scans of your smile taken, with a computer to then plot each tiny movement your teeth need to align them properly. Then, your clear braces are made – which fit comfortably over your teeth, with no need for wires and brackets. You can track your progress on the app and you’ll even see computer-generated results for what your finished smile will look like.

infographic explaining the simplicity of Invisalign braces at Heaton Mersey Orthodontic in Manchester, stockport

Benefit 4: Low Maintenance

With Invisalign braces, you only need to rinse on removal and re-insertion and soak them every few days to keep them looking their best. You’ll also need a soft toothbrush for a mild cleaner. It’s just as easy as looking after your own smile, and you can take them out to clean them, too.

close up of woman in dental chair smiling during Invisalign consultation in Stockport, manchester

Benefit 5: Diet

Those with fixed braces will need to embrace a simpler diet, so they don’t risk breaking their braces or getting food stuck in the apparatus. Because Invisalign braces are removable, with these you can take them out anytime you want a meal or snack – and are free to eat what you like.

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