Baby teeth

As well as adult braces and teen braces, Invisalign also treat children from age 6-10 in what they call ‘phase 1 treatment’. This helps to make room for new and existing teeth and can improve the smile as it grows while helping break bad habits like thumb sucking. It might even prevent problems (such as with the bite) from worsening.

Fix a Crooked smile with Invisalign

For those that need that little tweak to their teeth, Invisalign in Stockport and Manchester can make all the difference. A crooked smile might make it difficult to clean effectively between teeth, or it may not cause any problems with your oral health at all. Either way, you make be looking to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Spacing issues

If you have gaps between your teeth, food and bacteria can build up between the teeth and lead to future decay or gum disease. Invisalign braces can bring the teeth more in-line to prevent this from happening. Crowded teeth might also cause a problem down the line, as bacteria and food can be hard to reach. 

Bite problems that can be fixed through Invisalign 

Invisalign can help improve the appearance of various bite problems, including:

Overbite – where the upper teeth overhang the bottom set by more than a few millimetres.
Underbite – the opposite of the above.
Crossbite – a combination of overbite and underbite.
Open bite – where there is a space between the teeth when the jaw is closed.

Each type of bite problem can cause different issues with your oral health. These vary from pain or discomfort in the jaw, to wear on tear on teeth, to problems chewing and speaking properly.

Other problems

There may be other adjustments that Invisalign can perform on your teeth, for instance, if one tooth is at an angle or protruding.

And finally…

Invisalign is known for being a highly successful treatment, with millions treated around the world. It’s clear, comfortable and discreet, allowing you to have your treatment without feeling self-conscious. What’s more, you’ll see your results before they happen, thanks to its clever 3D imaging software. In short, it’s one of the most popular teeth straightening solutions for a reason!

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