Why is brushing your teeth so important?

First, let’s talk about the reason why we place such importance on brushing your teeth. As you no doubt know, poor oral care can lead to problems like decay and gum disease. But did you know that neglecting your smile could lead to tooth loss? This could be a big problem for those who’ve straightened their smiles, as gaps in the mouth can cause teeth to drift and shift position. And if you’re considering braces and have missing teeth, you might affect your results.

What about brushing braces?

Many types of brace are fixed to your teeth, so as you clean your smile, you’ll always be brushing away at wires and brackets. Because fixed braces are permanently in your mouth, they can trap a lot of bacteria and food particles, meaning it’s just as important to clean them as your actual teeth.

What about brushing Invisalign?

Removable clear braces will also need cleaning. These can be taken in and out of the mouth, and while you won’t wear them to eat, you’ll replace them after you’ve finished, which risks trapping food in the braces. Like dentures, you’ll have to soak them in special solution and also gently go over them with a soft toothbrush.

What should I use for cleaning my braces?

Fixed braces can be cleaned with interdental brushes, a toothbrush and either floss or tape. Removable braces can be cleaned with a toothbrush, rinsed when removed and replaced, and soaked in denture solution every few days.

What if I have problems with cleaning my braces?

That’s what our experts are here for. With lots of patients in Stockport having braces, our team is used to common concerns and can help you get the best out of your oral care routine. We can also recommend appropriate products, including brush types, to suit your needs.

Do I have to clean my retainer?

Yes, absolutely. Thankfully, it’s no more tricky to keep on top of than removable Invisalign braces!

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