Invisalign braces in Stockport, Manchester are designed to care for your teeth and, over time, create a gorgeous-looking smile. As the aligners are taking care of you, you need to know how to care for them too. Mistreating your Invisalign braces can lead to fogginess, cracking or breakage. These top tips can help keep the structure, look and durability of these adult braces at their best.

Clean with the correct cleaner

People normally associate teeth with toothpaste, so as you clean your teeth with it you can also clean your aligners with it, right? Wrong, toothpaste often contains harmful abrasives that can scratch them, affecting their transparent appearance – so they won’t be clear braces for much longer. Even by using average soaps, it can not only leave a soapy taste in the aligners, but it can also change the colour of them too. It’s best to use cleaners such as denture cleansers or use Invisalign’s brand to sanitise them. When removing them, place them in a cup of water with the correct cleansing solution to rinse off any food and bacteria left inside your Invisalign braces.

Do not grind your aligners

We know that this can be a nervous habit, but it’s just as bad doing it when wearing Invisalign aligners too. Gritting and grinding the Invisalign aligners can cause them to wear down, crack, weaken and potentially snap. Break the habit or speak with your dentist here at Heaton Mersey, located in Stockport, Manchester, to see whether the Invisalign straightening process is the right brace treatment for you. Try to detract yourself from gritting them and remember that these plastic helpers are doing the work – so if you keep gritting, they won’t work as well.

Do not leave them out

When you take your Invisalign braces out, it’s easy to leave them on the side, but this can be bad for the clear aligners. Leaving them out in the open air can cause bad bacteria to cling to them, plus, the saliva from your mouth will dry onto them, which can make the Invisalign aligners smell. It’s important to remember to rinse off your adult clear braces with water after wearing them and then place them in their given case so that your clear braces are safely packed away and not exposed.

Your Invisalign Journey Awaits!

Want more advice before you start your journey to a straighter smile? Want to know more about our Invisalign process here in Stockport, Manchester? Schedule a consultation today at Heaton Mersey, Stockport, Manchester. Our wonderful team will be delighted to guide you through the Invisalign process. We also offer straightening treatment such as adult braces, clear braces and Damon braces at our orthodontist in Stockport.