1. Wonky teeth

It’s a common complaint amongst our patients – teeth that just aren’t properly aligned. Whether it’s one or two wonky teeth, a whole row, or both sets, braces can help. Treatment slowly adjusts the positioning of the teeth over time, leaving you with a straightened smile you won’t want to hide.

2. Bite concerns

There are lots of bite issues that can occur in our dental patients. Sometimes, these can evolve from bad habits – thumb sucking at a young age, for example. But, sometimes it’s just a case of running in families or simply it’s in your genes. Braces can often correct:

  • Overbite: overlapping top teeth
  • Underbite: overlapping bottom teeth
  • Crossbite: crossing of the top and bottom teeth
  • Open bite: where the teeth don’t meet properly

In turn, this can reduce concerns like tooth and gum wear over time, as well as lessen instances of headaches and TMJ.

3. Gaps in the smile

Is your smile more of a toothy grin, with unsightly spaces or food constantly getting stuck in your smile? Aside from the oral health concerns about trapped food and bacteria, gap teeth can seriously undermine your confidence. Luckily, braces can help.

4. Poor oral health

Through many tooth misalignment concerns, patients can experience poor oral health, either because of trapped food, or simply because certain teeth are hard to reach or clean between properly. Spacing them evenly can therefore make brushing and flossing easier, leaving your smile sparklingly healthy.

5. Lack of confidence

To finish off, we’ll elaborate on one of the biggest smile benefits – your self-esteem. Correcting misaligned teeth can help you smile again and feel much more confident in yourself. And, you’ll be able to eat all the foods you’ve been missing out on, like if you’ve had trouble with your bite or found food constantly got stuck in your smile. In short, you’re free to be you again.

Common Concerns That Clear Braces (Stockport in Manchester) Can Fix

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