It doesn’t matter how sexy the advertisers tell you braces are, or which Hollywood star swears by their benefits, the fact remains that braces (even discreet ones) are designed to serve a purpose. Braces are for teeth straightening, not for heightening your appearance! Following Damon treatment, your smile will inevitably be more attractive and you’ll have a greater confidence in your looks, but how long will that take to happen? Surely the quicker, the better!

What we concern ourselves with here at the Heaton Mersey practice in Stockport, Manchester is how fast and efficiently we can get you from A to B, with minimal disruption to your lifestyle and maximum results. If you can wear braces for a shorter time period and still achieve great results, wouldn’t that be preferable?

We are proud suppliers of Damon braces in Stockport, because they offer many benefits to the wearer. Perhaps most importantly of all they have been found to work far quicker than traditional fixed braces. A study highlighted by Colgate toothpaste found Damon braces treatment to be complete on average 7.2 months faster than traditional braces. If you opt for traditional braces, those extra 7 months will feel far longer, if you know that your treatment could have already ended!

Transforming the smiles of Stockport residents with Damon Braces

As with traditional fixed metal braces, Damon braces involve brackets being bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth, with a wire threaded through them. The big difference, however, is that instead of visiting your dentist every few weeks to get the wire adjusted to keep the pressure on your teeth constant (and help them continue their journey into a final position), Damon braces are self litigating.

Damon braces will adjust themselves, so you won’t have to endure endless visits to our Stockport-based dental practice. The Colgate study discovered that a gentler pressure is exerted on the teeth via Damon braces, which resulted in a 60% decrease in feelings of discomfort during the treatment period. This consequently meant less friction, which means teeth treated by Damon braces are less likely to be damaged by the process. Additionally, if you’d like to choose braces that are discreet as well, you can opt for the Damon clear range, with its translucent brackets.

Are you interested in orthodontic treatment from our experienced team here in Stockport, Manchester? If you book a consultation with us, we’ll be able to examine your mouth with a view to assessing whether you’d be a suitable candidate for Damon braces, as well as give you an idea of just how attractive your smile will be following treatment. Please get in touch. We welcome all your questions about our range of orthodontic services.