Here at Heaton Mersey, your friendly orthodontists, we work hard to create a smile you’ll be proud to share. While we offer many types of braces, our patients often ask us about Damon braces. Unfortunately, though, there’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to orthodontics, and we’re here to set the record straight. Today, our orthodontists are debunking the biggest Damon braces myths.

1. Damon braces are painful

While any type of brace may create a feeling of slight pressure on your teeth as they’re gently corrected, modern braces have come such a long way and they’re more comfortable than ever before. Damon braces, for one, are self-litigating, which means they’re adjustable, and don’t require elastics or ties.

2. They are expensive

They’re comparable with other brace types, and we offer interest-free monthly payments to help make the cost more manageable. Of course, your overall brace treatment price varies, depending on the work that’s needed for your unique smile.

3. Damon braces are noticeable

Braces are much more ‘accepted’ nowadays and can even be considered fashionable (think about all the celebrities who endorse Invisalign, for example). But, we can still offer a discreet treatment for you, thanks to Damon braces and their clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires.

4. Damon braces are slow to work

Again, not true. As we’ve mentioned, your treatment timescale depends on your smile and your desired outcome for your teeth. But rest assured, Damon braces are just as effective as other types of orthodontics.

5. Damon braces are only for kids

Children, teenagers and adults can all benefit from Damon braces – though the first step on any teeth-straightening journey is a consultation with your orthodontist. Our Damon brace treatment has a high success rate and has treated countless adults and kids alike, and could be a great choice for you, too!

Next steps

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