Many misconceptions and myths are speculating around the Invisalign straightening process, so in this blog were going to set the record straight and help you to learn the truth about a few common Invisalign myths. Once you know the truth, this may help you decide what straightening process is the right option for you.

Myth #1: Invisalign is less effective than traditional braces

Invisalign is known to work just as well as traditional braces. Invisalign can require less orthodontic attention than traditional mental braces as they don’t require any tightening at the dental practice, meaning you can go about your day knowing that you’re getting the most out of your Invisalign straightening process.

Myth #2: Invisible Aligners Require Less Attention to Oral Hygiene

This myth is correct in the fact that removable aligners make it easy to care for your teeth, however, it’s not true that they need less hygiene attention. By not regularly cleaning your Invisalign at all or with the incorrect techniques, your aligners can become discoloured and cloudy. Also, by not giving your aligners the hygiene attention they need, bacteria can be left behind to sit on the surface of the aligners, causing the aligners to emit a bad odour. 

With regular care, your aligners will maintain their durable performance and clear appearance.

Myth #3: Invisalign is uncomfortable

While it may take some getting used to, our Invisible braces in Stockport, Manchester are a lot more comfortable than the traditional braces as braces have brackets and wires that can sometimes catch and cause discomfort to the gums, whereas Invisalign is made of a clear, smooth plastic that fits snug around the teeth, laying smoothly along the inside of the mouth.

Myth #4 – Your speech changes

You might find that you’ll speak with a lisp for the first two or three days but this isn’t permanent and it’s perfectly normal. Eventually, you’ll find you adapt fairly quickly to having your Invisalign aligners in. As your mouth isn’t used to having something kept around the teeth, it will seem like your speech has changed slightly as the aligner covers the area directly behind the teeth where your tongue normally goes to make an “s” sound. As your mouth becomes familiar with the aligner, your speech will go back to normal.


Now we have debunked some Invisalign myths, you may want to try them out for yourself. If you’d like to find out more about Invisalign in Manchester, contact Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre in Stockport, Manchester today on 0161 947 9900 or simply enquire online!