Dr Bhatti was honoured to be invited to visit the Costa Rican Invisalign Facility and attend the study club. Only fourteen people from Europe, two from the U.K. were invited to this annual meeting.

Dr Bhatti at the Invisalign Reception Costa Rica.

A small area of the Clincheck floor!

Clinchecks are the computer generated (virtual) treatments which show how crooked and misaligned teeth move form their starting position to the their final positions. Costa Rica is where all the Clinchecks worldwide are developed by trained technicians. Here the scanned impressions that we take in surgery are carefully digitally detailed and manipulated using very sophisticated software. The software is regularly updated to help provide the most predictable smiles. The visit allowed Dr Bhatti an invaluable visit and face to face communication with his Clincheck technicians.

It really is a rare opportunity as communication regarding Invisalign treatment is always done online via the Clincheck software.

Dr Bhatti met with Andres Vega, allowing him an in depth and detailed analysis at how Invisalign treatments are managed.