The day is here, the day your braces are removed! Teenagers and adults look forwards to this day like no other because it signifies a new chapter for your smile. It’s ready to be unveiled to the world sans the metal and brackets. How exciting! Here’s what to expect when you have your braces removed by your orthodontist.

Spots on your teeth

If you’ve accidentally used toothpaste with a whitening agent in it, you might notice that you’ve got darker spots on your teeth from when the brace brackets covered them. Even if you didn’t use whitening toothpaste, you could still have darker spots on your teeth from your regular toothpaste not being able to reach that part of your tooth surface. This is normal and very common, after braces you might like to switch to a whitening-agent toothpaste or even try out a teeth whitening treatment with a dentist.


So you have a straighter smile, but it won’t stay like that unless you maintain the results of your braces with retainers. Your teeth will move back into their wayward positions and drift if you don’t keep them in check with retainers. Your orthodontist will fit you for a retainer to wear to maintain your straight new smile. Don’t worry, these retainers are removable unlike your traditional braces, but they are very necessary!

The removal process

Removing your braces at the orthodontist shouldn’t be painful. If you’ve been unlucky enough to experience a snapped wire or a slipped bracket, don’t worry, your removal process will not feel like this. You don’t need to prep for this appointment in any way, and you’ll probably love the freedom, extra space, and reduction of pressure once the braces have been removed from your teeth.

Your food and diet

Once your braces are removed, there’ll be no need to abstain from chewing gum, toffee, hard bread, bagels, or whole apples anymore! You’ll experience newfound freedom you’ll never take for granted again because you can now enjoy all of the foods (in moderation) that you had to give up to have your braces straightening your smile.

Dental hygiene

You can go back to your usual dental hygiene routine pre-braces, which means no more spooky brushes, but it does mean flossing again. Your dental hygiene is still as important as ever, and your braces straightening any wayward teeth will make this process easier because the surfaces are more even. Don’t slack on your dental hygiene routine, braces or no braces.

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