The effortless Hollywood smile ironically takes quite a lot of effort to achieve and maintain. Even those celebrities seemingly blessed with naturally great teeth have had some kind of treatment, be it extensive or not, to enhance their smile. Some choose to be very candid about their smile journey (think Tom Cruise with those traditional fixed braces on the red carpet, grinning widely), and some have chosen to be a little more secretive. There are now invisible braces, Invisalign, that can achieve great results without the starkly obvious metal train-track effect. These braces aren’t just saved for celebrities, though, they’re available right here in Manchester. Here are some famous faces who have benefitted from Invisalign braces…

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Celebrities using Invisalign Braces

Serena Williams, the legendary and record-breaking sportsperson, was preparing her winning smile when she was just 16. Williams received Invisalign invisible braces as a teenager which is a testament to their suitability for younger patients seeking a little more treatment discretion.

justin bieber had invisalign

Justin Bieber, perhaps one of the most famous faces in music over the last decade, was very open about his Invisalign journey even from his early years. He’s worn his Invisalign aligners to events, red carpets, and interviews and grinned proudly. He can do this because they’re invisible, so his treatment remains discreet, but they are removable too. Perhaps he was very dedicated to his treatment!

billie eilish invisalign

Billie Eilish, a rising teenage star in the alternative-pop music scene and notable festival performer, currently uses Invisalign braces to straighten her teeth. Her collaborators have joked with her that the sound of Eilish removing and storing the aligners before recording could become her trademark because she often forgets to remove them before sessions.

khloe kardashian invisalign

Khloe Kardashian, a member of one of the most notorious celebrity families possibly ever, revealed in 2013 that she used Invisalign braces to perfect her red-carpet smile. No doubt favouring the invisible braces for their discretion and removability, she continues to showcase her straightened smile.

anna kendrick invisalign

Anna Kendrick, the good-humoured actress well-known for her lead role in the Pitch Perfect franchise, revealed she wore Invisalign braces in the most Anna Kendrick way possible. Using her wit, she told fans in 2013 that her co-stars and colleagues had started to refer to her aligners as ‘Anna’s Grillz’.

Here is why famous faces choose Invisalign

Celebrities probably choose Invisalign braces because they’re transparent, removable, comparatively more comfortable and faster to achieve results than traditional braces. This VIP braces treatment isn’t just saved for celebrities, though, as you can receive the very same Invisalign aligners right here with Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre. To find out more about Invisalign in Stockport, Manchester, contact us today on 0161 947 9900.

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