In the run-up to Awards Season with the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards, Harris Poll conducted a #RedCarpetSmile survey on behalf of Invisalign to see which celebrities the American public would bestow with the honour of Best Smile.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how The Revenant dominated this years nominations and awards, Leonardo DiCaprio was the clear winner, receiving 56% of the Best Actor Smilevote. Matt Damon (31%), Michael Fassbender (14%), Eddie Redmayne (13%) and Bryan Cranston (12%) were all runners up.

Oscar-winner, Jennifer Lawrence, won the award for Best Leading Lady Smile with 44% of the vote, while Brie Larson (38%), Cate Blanchett (32%), Saoirse Ronan (19%) and Charlotte Rampling (10%) were hot on her heels.

Looking to Oscar winners of the past, Halle Berry and Denzel Washington stole the crown for the best award-winning smiles of the past 15 years. Meanwhile, two films stood out for showcasing the most beautiful smiles seen on celluloid –The Sound of Music and Titanic.

So, with all of this focus on picture-perfect celebrities, the poll perhaps surprisingly found that nearly half of the people surveyed would rather have their own smile than that of any actor or actress nominated in 2016 – thats 47% of men and 52% of women!

We think this is great news, although obviously it would be great if this figure was even higher because we love helping people feel good about their own smiles.

Occasionally, here at Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre, we do get people asking us if we can use Invisalign to copy a famous celebritys smile. In all honestly, we think its far better to align your teeth based on what will give you the best appearance and function. The colour and shape of Leonardo DiCaprios teeth undoubtedly look fantastic on Leonardo DiCaprio, but they may not look as good on anyone else!

We can use Invisalign to bring your teeth into alignment so that they not only look incredible but also bite together properly and are easier to keep clean and healthy. Treatments such as teeth whitening once your teeth straightening is finished can help to add that touch of Hollywood glamour without slavishly creating a copy-cat smile. After all, your’e unique and your beautiful smile should be unique too.
In our opinion, thats an accolade worth celebrating.

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