Getting your teeth straightened in Stockport has never been easier, but do you know which braces are going to best suit your lifestyle preferences? Here at our Manchester practice we offer a range of orthodontic options.

If you only need the front few teeth repositioned, you can get away with wearing braces for as little as 4 to 6 months in order to achieve a beautiful new smile. However, if your alignment issues are more severe, meaning that you will be wearing aligners for a longer time period, you will probably be better off with discreet braces, that will make you feel less awkward about your treatment.

About fast braces in Stockport

The fast braces system our orthodontist uses are Six Month Smiles. These are made of translucent brackets which are bonded to the social six teeth at the front of your mouth. These brackets will hold the wire which will be periodically tightened during your treatment and is the instrument which will apply pressure to your teeth to shift them into a more attractive position. Six Month Smiles are more discreet than the metal train track braces and require fewer brackets too. To correct more involved bite problems and extensive repositioning Invisalign braces may be the most suitable choice.

Discreet aligners from our Manchester practice

The discreet braces system we use is the infamous Invisalign orthodontics system. Used successfully on 5 million people worldwide, Invisalign braces consist of removable, clear aligner trays, which fit snuggly over the teeth to bring them into position. They will be taken out before eating or brushing your teeth.

Your treatment won’t just require one aligner tray, but rather, you’ll need several, one after the other. You’ll visit us here in Stockport to get each new tray fitted and to have the progress of your teeth checked. Once your Invisalign treatment is complete, you’ll have a beautiful new smile with straighter teeth.

Did you know that straighter teeth are not only less likely to get tooth decay, but might also get you a promotion at work. Employers have confessed to being susceptible to a more attractive smile and promoting those smiles over others.

To find out the best course of orthodontic action for you, please get in touch with our reception team to book your consultation. Our Manchester orthodontist will be able to examine your teeth and give you advice on which braces are going to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and provide you with optimal results.