Have you spent a significant part of your adult life feeling as though you missed the boat when it comes to having a beautiful smile? Lots of us regret not having braces as teens and, here at Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre, Manchester, all our patients are people who’ve decided enough is enough – they don’t want to feel like they missed the boat any more. They want straighter teeth and they know we can make it happen.Withremovablebraces.

As you can see throughout our website, we offer a range of different orthodontic solutions all based at Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre in Stockport. Many adults are particularly interested in removable braces – here are five reasons why:

1. Flexible braces are discreet

Many adults worry about people knowing that they’re having orthodontic treatment. You may be in a public facing role or have to give regular presentations; even doing the school run with a mouth full of wires can be intimidating. Removable braces such as Invisalign are almost impossible to spot and incredibly discreet. Another benefit of removable braces is that they can be taken out for special occasions if you don’t want to be photographed wearing orthodontics.

2. Removable braces mean you can eat and drink what you want

With fixed wire braces, some food is inevitably out of limits during your treatment. With removable braces/aligners, you simply take them out while you eat and drink, then pop them back in when you’ve finished. It’s a good idea to brush your teeth after meals, before your aligner goes back in, to help protect your oral health.

3. Flexible braces protect your dental hygiene

Speaking of oral health, removable braces are also great for your dental hygiene. Instead of having to clean around wires and brackets, you just remove your aligner, brush and floss your teeth as usual and put the aligner back in.

4. Removable braces are fast acting

One of the greatest benefits of removable braces is that they are fast acting and can move your teeth into alignment in as little as four to twelve months. It makes it easier to go through orthodontic treatment knowing that you should see noticeable results within a short timeframe.

5. Flexible braces are affordable

Due to the short treatment times, flexible braces such as Invisalign offer one of the most affordable orthodontic solutions currently available. Here at Heaton Mersey, Stockport, Manchester, braces from Invisalign start from about £1,700.

To find out more about removable braces, book a free Invisalign consultation by calling 0161 947 9900.