So, what should I avoid eating with braces?

Generally, crunchy, chewy, hard and sticky foods aren’t advised. This varies from things like sweets and crisps, to firm fruits and vegetables, and even snacks like nuts and popcorn. Of course, this advice applies to fixed braces and lingual braces – so if you have aligners like Invisalign braces, you can just remove them when you want a meal or snack.

Why do I have to watch what I eat with braces?

There are lots of reasons:

  • Certain types of food can get stuck in your braces
  • There’s the possibility for your braces to become broken or damaged
  • Broken braces can cause pain and discomfort in your mouth
  • Food and substances that get stuck in your braces could contribute to tooth decay
infographic of snacks to Avoid with Braces (Invisalign stockport, manchester)

What are some pros of braces?

The benefits of braces are mainly the confidence boost and enhanced appearance of your smile. However, in some cases of correction (such as gaps or overlapping teeth), you could improve your oral health, as straightening your smile can make teeth easier to keep clean. Also, correcting bite problems can prevent issues like tooth wear, gum recession and even tooth loss in the future.

What are some cons of braces?

Treatment times can vary; some options may appear expensive; not all braces are discreet. Some patients simply don’t like the look of braces, while others consider them uncomfortable or difficult to get used to. Rest assured, our dentists serving Manchester will do all they can to help our patients feel happy and comfortable with their care.

What else should I bear in mind with braces?

While wearing them, you’ll need to also avoid things like chewing gums, and depending on the brace (for example, clear aligners) you might only be able to drink water while they’re in your mouth. Also, there’s cleaning to consider – though your dentist will talk you through this in great detail. Whatever brace you choose, afterwards, you’ll need to wear retainers for a period to ensure the teeth ‘stay put’.

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