Invisalign braces have just announced that 5 million people worldwide have now been treated by the Invisalign brand. Financial investors in Align technology; the technology behind Invisalign, are reaping huge rewards. There’s a particularly high teen demand for these discreet braces because they’re such a hugely effective tooth straightening tool, plus they’re nearly invisible! We’re seeing a lot more demand for them at our practice in Stockport too.

Invisalign braces can fix a variety of orthodontic issues, perhaps as many as traditional fixed braces, whilst at the same time not drawing attention to the wearer’s mouth while the braces are in place. If your teen feels embarrassed about having crooked teeth, they’re probably dreading having to wear braces, because generally, traditional fixed braces will draw as much attention to the alignment problem as the teeth themselves, if not more. However, when Invisalign is the brace of choice, no such worry is present and this is probably why 5 million people worldwide have chosen the Invisalign brand.

Why Invisalign braces from our Stockport practice are so discreet.

Traditional braces are very visible in the mouth because of the brackets that are bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth. Even with translucent brackets and tooth-coloured wires, the braces are still obvious in the mouth.

Invisalign uses an entirely different approach. No brackets are required at all and nothing is semi-permanently bonded to the teeth. This is because Invisalign braces must be removed when you eat, or when you brush your teeth.

The braces are made up of aligner trays that look rather like a thin, see-through sports mouthguards. However, instead of being bulky, in a one-size-fits-all shape that rugby players commonly wear, the aligner trays are custom-made to precisely fit each individual customer’s set of teeth.

Have a look at our Invisalign gallery to see just how discreet these pioneering braces are compared to the fixed variety.

Are you eligible for clear braces?

Invisalign braces can efficiently fix most of the same range of orthodontic problems that traditional braces can fix. They can close gappy teeth, reduce overcrowding problems, rein in protruding teeth and solve any bite issues.

The best way to find out whether your smile could benefit from being fixed discreetly is by giving us a call to book a consultation at our Stockport dental practice near Manchester. Upon examination, we’ll be able to advise you on the type of braces that will best suit your needs and how long your treatment is likely to take.

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