The Greek word ‘orthos’ means straight, while ‘dontos’ means teeth. An orthodontist is an expert in straightening teeth. He or she will be able to advise you on what sort of alignment problems you have, as well as provide treatment that will give you perfectly straight teeth and an impressive smile.

What causes teeth to be out of alignment?

There are many reasons why teeth do not grow straight, or are pushed out of alignment over time. An orthodontist is not just a dentist who can tell you how your teeth can be positioned to provide you with a more attractive smile, but also, why your teeth have developed in a crooked way.


Occlusion is the technical term for how your jaws meet. If the biting point of your jaws is not perfectly symmetrical, then you may have malocclusion, or an uneven bite. Different varieties of uneven bite include:

• Reverse bite: The upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth
• Overbite: Your upper teeth fit over your lower teeth
• Underbite: Your lower teeth extend over your upper teeth
• Open bite: The front teeth of your upper and lower jaws do not meet
• Cross bite: Your upper and lower jaws are uneven widths

An uneven bite is not just aesthetically problematic, but it can also have a detrimental effect on your lifestyle, if it starts causing you problems with your jaw, speech, eating habits, teeth, or giving you headaches. As well as correcting your bite issues and straightening your teeth, your orthodontist can also do the following:

• Help solve impacted tooth issues
• Close up gaps in your teeth
• Stop protrusion
• Remove teeth to correct overcrowding issues
• Provide a solution to opposing teeth on your upper and lowers jaws that do not match.

What happens when visiting an orthodontist?

When you visit the orthodontist, here at our Manchester practice, initially you’ll have a consultation to discuss the orthodontic concerns you have and take a first look at the solutions available. An oral examination and look into your medical history will then provide us with more necessary information, before we take some x-rays and impressions of your teeth. All information you give us will be kept strictly confidential.

Orthodontic devices recommended by an Orthodontist

The type of braces that will be most appropriate for you will be decided by the orthodontist, who will advise which braces will best suit your alignment problem, and you, who must decide which type will best suit your lifestyle. Here’s an overview of the braces we provide:

Damon clear or metal: Fixed braces of a traditional brackets and wires system. Brackets will be bonded to your teeth and throughout treatment, the wires will be adjusted to exert gentle pressure and move the teeth firmly into position.
• Lingual braces: These virtually invisible braces fit on the back of the teeth, pushing them into position from behind.
Invisalign: These removable, clear braces fit over the teeth and are very discreet. This pioneering treatment has been used by over 4 million people worldwide.

If you’d like to find out more about your orthodontic options, the sort of discreet adult braces now available from our Stockport, Manchester practice, as well as how quickly we can make a real difference to your smile, please give our friendly, professional reception team a call to book your consultation.