If you’re looking for a discreet braces option in Stockport, Manchester, then you will undoubtedly have come across the brand name Invisalign. This pioneering removable braces system has successfully corrected the crooked teeth of 3 million people worldwide, without creating any social awkwardness, or embarrassing moments. It’s simply a top provider of straight teeth and enhanced smiles.

Saira Khan is a TV presenter and known for her appearances on Loose Women. Given that she is in the public eye, she knew that to straighten her teeth she needed to opt for one of the most discreet options available in the marketplace. This is why she chose Invisalign. Recently she spoke the dentistry information site; Dentistry.co.uk, about her experiences with Invisalign.

Invisalign is the most discreet braces option

Although Ms Khan experienced a desire to align her teeth throughout her childhood, she didn’t want to opt for the fixed traditional metal braces that were prevalent during the 1980s and 1990s, because of the perceived impact these would have on her lifestyle as a teenager. So instead, like many other adults, she waited until technology had caught up with what she wanted to achieve and chose Invisalign’s clear plastic trays, which are rather like almost invisible mouth guards, when she got a little older.

She is happy with the experience, she reports. The Invisalign trays are indeed as discreet as she’d hoped. Many family members didn’t realise she was wearing them. They are comfortable to wear and they aren’t affecting her speech. One of the main reasons she decided to have Invisalign treatment, over other orthodontic options, she told Dentistry.co.uk, was because she wanted to know exactly how her teeth would look once the treatment was completed.

You’ll know in advance how your teeth will look

Invisalign allows patients to see the entire journey their teeth will take during the treatment period, via 3D computer imaging, including the resulting smile at the end. Once a series of trays have been fitted, one after the other, with each one dragging the patients’ teeth just a little further each time, you can expect your dental problem to be corrected and your teeth to be in a perfectly straight alignment.

Whether you have protruding teeth, overlapping teeth, crooked teeth or bite problems, Invisalign can straighten them and give you a more flattering look. All patients inevitably enjoy a boost to their confidence, with many reporting the relief they feel not to have to hide when photos are being taken.

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