One of the major concerns Manchester orthodontic patients have before they embark on corrective treatment is how they’ll look while they’re wearing braces. After all, they’re concerned enough to seek treatment with a view to gaining straight teeth, so why wouldn’t they feel self-conscious potentially drawing more attention to their mouths, even if it’s only for a short while?

Invisalign is the answer. These extremely discreet braces are virtually invisible. Your teeth will be straightened in a matter of months and while you’re undergoing the treatment it’s highly likely nobody will even realise you’re wearing braces! Lets take a look at why the Invisalign brand are so popular that they’ve just fitted braces on their 4 millionth customer.

  • Rather than causing embarrassment that must be endured until your orthodontic treatment is complete, the thin, plastic aligner trays that you’ll wear over your teeth to guide them into a more flattering position, are practically undetectable. You’re far less likely to feel self-conscious in them, than if you were wearing a brackets and wires set-up.
  • Invisalign braces are removable. This gives you a number of advantages. For a start it’s impossible to get food caught on them, because you will remove the trays to eat. This means you can smile and speak with confidence, without having to worry about a piece of your lunch being on display. You can also eat whatever you like without experiencing any discomfort.
  • As you’ll also remove your trays to brush your teeth, you won’t need a heavy duty hygienist appointment at the end of your treatment to clean up the yellow streaks that are often caused by fixed braces. It’s a lot harder to make a thorough job of brushing your teeth through brackets and wire!
  • These pioneering braces are comfortable to wear. They’re custom-made for your individual teeth and do not stick out prominently, or cut into your cheek.
  • Although Invisalign braces are just as effective at treating a large number of different malocclusion and alignment issues, the treatment time is often shorter.
  • You will feel confident about the treatment you receive every step of the way. During the treatment period, you will wear a series of alignment trays, with each consequent tray helping push your teeth into a more flattering position, closer towards their final destination in your mouth. Thanks to 3D computer images, you’ll already have seen the perfect smile that will be yours when the braces come out for good and be reassured that the goal is worth the effort.
  • If cost is an issue, a dental finance plan, can make payments fit more comfortably into your budget, by spreading the payment over a longer time period.

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