Is Invisalign the best brace?

When choosing a brace, there are lots of things that factor into your decision, like cost, comfort, durability, appearance, treatment time, reviews, results and more. But what Invisalign does have is an excellent track record, successfully treating millions of patients all around the world.

What are the benefits to Invisalign?

First of all, it’s among the most low-key treatments for braces, as the company make clear plastic aligners. Really, people are unlikely to tell you’re wearing a brace as these are barely visible on your smile and moulded to your teeth.

Next, our patients often cite the ease of treatment as a huge advantage over other types of braces, like fixed or lingual. That’s because the aligners are removable, so you can have a ‘comfort break’ whenever you need to (just remember to pop them in their case!). Having said that, the braces are well-known for being comfortable to wear, with only slight pressure experienced when you first switch aligners.

Finally, Invisalign is easy to care for and keep clean – just rinse on removal and reinsertion. You’ll also have to soak it from time to time in Invisalign’s special cleaning solution.

What other clear braces are there?

Six Month Smiles is a great alternative to Invisalign, though it only focuses on the front central six teeth. Damon braces are also a good option, but are fixed, and not all the elements used are clear. In our opinion, Invisalign is the leading clear brace.

How does Invisalign treatment work?

You’ll first attend a consultation with our orthodontist, who’ll assess your smile, make any recommendations for dental care (for example, if you need a tooth extracting), then book in your treatment start. This will involve taking digital impressions of your teeth which Invisalign’s sophisticated computer software will use to calculate the tiny movements needed to adjust your smile. These micro adjustments are captured in the clear aligners you’ll cycle through during your treatment.

Why should I have Invisalign?

If you’re looking for discreet, straight-forward and reliable treatment, Invisalign could be for you. The best way to make a decision is to book a consultation with our orthodontists. All you’ll need to do is get in touch via our website to get started – it’s that easy!