When it comes to orthodontics (teeth straightening) treatment, age really is just a number and there’s certainly no upper age limit for adult orthodontic braces. Teeth and the mouth’s soft tissues are essentially the same in both adults and children.

The one difference is that adult orthodontic treatment can take slightly longer to achieve the same results as in children and teens. This is because, as an adult, your bone density is greater and your facial structure is more firmly set. As a result, it can take 10-20% longer to move your teeth into their ideal position.

It seems safe to say that adults and children have slightly different priorities when it comes to seeking orthodontic treatment. Braces are increasingly commonplace amongst British teens who are following in the footsteps of their American counterparts and see braces as an essential aid to improving their smile. Thanks to a growing number of ways to ‘bling’ up those braces and add some individual style, it’s safe to say that many teens are happy to have fixed braces and don’t mind their peers knowing about it.

Adult Braces at Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre

Most adults are more self-conscious, which is why adult orthodontic braces are designed to be less visible. Many adults also want fast-acting orthodontic solutions or even just to correct the teeth that people can see when they smile, but they want their treatment to go under the radar as much as possible. Removable aligners give an extra degree of flexibility because people can take their adult braces out to eat, drink, clean their teeth or for special occasions, such as an evening out or a public speaking engagement.

Braces for children at Heaton Mersey Orthodontics

Many of the so-called ‘adult’ orthodontic braces are aimed specifically at adults, although companies such as Invisalign now offer an Invisalign Teen system designed to meet the needs of still-growing teenagers.

Ultimately, whether you’re 13, 33 or 73, orthodontic treatments work on the same principles, applying gentle forces to gradually shift your teeth into better alignment. By having treatment with adult orthodontic braces and aligners for a straighter smile, you will experience a boost to your confidence knowing your smile looks amazing, and that’s great news at any age.

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