Invisible braces seem almost too good to be true, right? They seem like treatment of the near yet just-out-of-reach future where self-cleaning cars make frustrating tasks seem so much easier. Could it be that invisible braces exist now, presently, and there is more than one kind of invisible brace? Well, you might be surprised…

Type 1: Invisalign

Invisalign braces in Stockport, Manchester, is an industry-favourite make of invisible adult braces. They’re almost like a clear, less-bulky plastic gum shield that is made from impressions taken of your teeth. They gently guide your teeth into their more flattering and straightened position, applying constant pressure rather than just tugging and pulling as traditional fixed braces might. You receive a series of aligners, wearing the next step in your Invisalign treatment journey for a few weeks before replacing them with the next aligner in succession. This way, your teeth are ushered into position in a far more personalised and comparatively more comfortable treatment journey than NHS braces. The best thing about them is that they’re completely clear and will stay that way if you remember to clean them!

Type 2: 6 Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles are invisible braces that, you guessed it, could showcase their finished results after just 6 months. They look a lot like if NHS braces were invisible, as they involve brackets and wires being fixed to your teeth. However, these brackets and wires are tooth-coloured, so they blend into your natural smile and are hardly noticeable. These invisible braces are particularly popular for those with a special event coming – a prom, a wedding, an anniversary…

Type 3: Damon Clear Braces

Damon braces in Stockport, Manchester are invisible braces that are self-litigating, which in itself is a very attractive orthodontic treatment option. This tooth straightening system is fixed to your teeth, but the wires aren’t fixed to the brackets. The wires slide between the brackets, creating no need for elastic bands or ties. This can make treatment so much more comfortable as there is less friction and tugging on the teeth, as the teeth move with the wires. Damon braces are available in regular metal style, or as Damon Clear that are, obviously, almost invisible.

Invisible braces for adults and teenagers

More and more adults are turning to invisible braces because they’re realising that straight teeth don’t just have to be made in their teenage years. However, it’s understandable that adults want to sidestep the appearance of traditional metal braces as they are still associated with a sort of childlike embarrassment, which is why invisible braces have become so popular. Even teenagers and their parents are opting more and more for invisible braces in Stockport, Manchester. Going through puberty, developing your ideas and self-image, and figuring out your steps in life is difficult enough without feeling self-conscious about your appearance, so invisible braces can be incredibly liberating for teens everywhere.

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