Orthodontic treatment for your teenager can help them in their career prospects and give them more confidence when it comes to dating. Did you know that it’s entirely possible to get braces on the NHS? You simply need a referral. Here at the Heaton Mersey dental centre, we accept referrals from Greater Manchester’s referral system and we offer a range of braces, depending on your teenager’s lifestyle preferences and your budget. Please bear in mind that the price will vary according to the braces you choose.

The range we stock includes a number of fixed braces options. These involve brackets bonded to the fronts of the teeth with a wire threaded through them. We offer both metal-coloured and clear brackets. If you opt for the Damon brand, then the braces are self-litigating, which means fewer visits to the dentist during the treatment period.

We also offer Six Month Smiles, designed for fast correction on the the social 6 teeth at the front of the mouth and Invisalign, which is the gold standard in discreet, translucent braces. They’re removable, so they won’t be worn at meal times, or when teeth are being brushed, and they’re very effective.

Treatment Time

It’s impossible to give you an accurate treatment time without first examining the teeth that require the braces, whether they’re yours, or your teenagers! The amount of time it’ll take to have your teeth straightened greatly depends on the nature of the orthodontic problem. Mild misalignment can be corrected in just 4-6 months, while more involved alignment and bite problems will take longer. The average orthodontic treatment time is around 12 months.

The Benefits of Wearing Braces

Straighter teeth will give you or your teenager a more attractive smile. Forbes Magazine, in their survey of company bosses, discovered that a beautiful smile makes you more likely to be chosen for promotion and hired for a new job. A new smile can equal a change in your fortunes!

In addition to this, there are health benefits associated with straighter teeth. Firstly, you won’t feel self-conscious about your teeth anymore, giving you a natural boost in your confidence and consequently, a boost to your immune system. Secondly, straight teeth are less likely to have hidden surfaces that capture food deposits and retain them; a process that causes tooth decay and gum disease. You’ll be able to keep your teeth cleaner, because your toothbrush will reach into every corner.

What we can help with

If you think you or your teenager are in need of braces, why not give us a call and book a consultation? If you’d prefer to have a referral first, you can still enquire with our reception team as to how that will be achieved. Upon examination, we’ll be able to assess the nature of your alignment issues and shows you a range of suitable braces. Treatment can be started straight away. We fit braces every day and our experienced team have helped hundreds of patients gain more attractive smiles. We can help you too! Please get in touch.