Congratulations! If you’re reading this blog post, you’re likely considering – or even in the process of – Invisalign treatment. That’s fantastic news for your smile, as there are so many benefits to straightening your teeth. As well as a more uniform smile and boosted confidence, in some cases of bite correction, you could also improve your oral health. 

So, in today’s blog post, our dentists here at our Stockport dental practice share some top tips on Invisalign to help your treatment go smoothly and ensure the best possible result for your smile. 

Wear your Invisalign as recommended

Perhaps the most important element of your Invisalign treatment is to wear your Invisalign correctly. That means at least 20-22 hours’ wear per day, and changing sets of aligners when directed by your dentist (usually every couple of weeks). Keep on track with your treatment programme, and your teeth will keep on track, too. 

Attend your check-ups

Another way to keep your Invisalign treatment running smoothly? Attend regular check-ups, as advised by your dentist. As well as ensuring your mouth, teeth and gums are healthy, this will also ensure your treatment is progressing as it should. 

Clean your aligners 

You’ll need to keep your aligners – and your mouth – nice and clean throughout treatment. Oral health is important as it is, but with Invisalign, neglecting your oral routine could have serious consequences. For example, if you remove your Invisalign to eat, then place the aligners back in your mouth without cleaning your teeth and the apparatus first, you could trap food particles and bacteria against the aligner which could lead to decay.  

Store your aligners

Remove your Invisalign whenever you need to eat, chew, or drink something other than water – but make sure you pop them in their case to protect them from loss or damage. After all, a damaged aligner could cause damage to your delicate mouth, teeth and gums. 

Wear your retainers

After treatment, your dentist will recommend retainers, to keep your teeth in their new positions. It’s important to wear these, as otherwise, your teeth may shift or misalign. In many cases, patients end up only needing to wear retainers overnight. Treat these just like your aligners – keep them clean, use the case and keep up with the dental appointments!

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