Numerous studies have discovered that straighter teeth are healthier teeth, which makes them less prone to tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when food deposits are left on teeth after a snack or a meal and are not brushed away. If you have experienced tooth decay it might not be because you haven’t been brushing your teeth thoroughly, but rather because your teeth are out of alignment. Teeth that are out of alignment are likely to have hidden surfaces that your toothbrush simply can’t reach. This means that food gets trapped there. When it isn’t removed, it begins to decay your teeth.

Of course having healthier teeth is actually a pleasant side-effect for most people who seek braces. This is because the majority of people who approach us here in Stockport, Manchester about orthodontic treatment do so because they want to achieve more attractive smile. Braces will provide you with straighter, healthier teeth in a more flattering alignment. Your smile should be transformed. If you want the teeth straightening process to happen fast, you can’t get much faster than the Six Month Smiles System.

Why are Six Month Smiles braces so effective?

Unlike other braces, Six Month Smiles braces will only straighten the 6 teeth at the front of your mouth. These are known as your social 6, because these are the teeth other people see when you smile. As fewer teeth are involved, the treatment time reduces the brace-wearing period from an average of 12 months to as little as just 4 months.

The braces consist of translucent brackets which are bonded to the teeth by your Manchester dentist. The brackets are held in place by a tooth coloured wire which will be adjusted periodically during your treatment. Once your teeth are straight, the brackets will be removed and your teeth will be visibly straighter.

It’s incredible the difference having straighter teeth can make, not just to your facial appearance, but also the confidence you have in your looks.

To find out more about how your teeth could look following straightening treatment using Six Month Smiles braces, please get in touch with the Heaton Mersey team in Stockport, Manchester.