When you think of adult braces, you probably picture the traditional setup of metal brackets with wires and elastics. But there’s a new, clear brace on the block – Invisalign – and its many benefits make it a great option for those who want to straighten their smile. In this post, we’ll outline some of the reasons why Invisalign is our recommended option for those seeking braces in Manchester.

1) Invisalign can treat lots of smiles

Few people are born with a ‘perfect’ smile, but with the right treatment, you can create one. Some of the smiles people might need to treat with Invisalign braces include:


This is where one or several top teeth bite on the bottom teeth, causing wear and potential bone loss.


Also known as deep bite, this is where your top teeth protrude, often leading to pain in the jaw, wear on the bottom teeth, and gum problems or irritation.

Open bite

This is where the teeth don’t meet when the mouth is closed. Chewing can be painful and the condition can also affect speech.

Gapped teeth

Spacing between teeth can provide plenty of places for bacteria and food to accumulate, which can lead to gum problems.


This is another spacing problem with teeth, which can cause crooked teeth over time, and lead to problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

2) They’re almost invisible

Thanks to their clear plastic construction, Invisalign braces are extremely discreet – and because they’re not fixed in place, they can also be removed for cleaning, eating, sports and those special occasions. For teenagers, the Invisalign Teen range is the perfect option, as being clear braces, their friends can’t always tell they’re wearing them.

3) They make cleaning easier

As they simply pop out, not only are they easy to clean – just add a special cleaning tablet to warm water – but they make cleaning your teeth easier, too. Rather than having to navigate your toothbrush around wires and brackets, you’ll be able to carry on cleaning your teeth as normal.

4) Invisalign feels comfy

Not only are these adult Invisalign braces far more discreet than the traditional alternative, but they’re also more comfortable. You might even forget you’re wearing them! You’ll feel slight pressure when you have a new set – as you’ll need new ones every few weeks to track with your changing smile – but you’ll find they won’t restrict your mouth.

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