Fed up of walking around Manchester or Stockport with a crooked smile, when you know it’s an easy problem to fix? Is this frustration further exacerbated by the fact that statistics show you’re much more likely to get promoted and find love if you had a straight set of teeth? Or perhaps it’s a lack of information that is holding you back from seeking out affordable braces options that are discreet and effective?

Here at Heaton Mersey, we understand that one set of braces does not suit all patients, which is why we offer three different options, making it more probable that we can provide you with orthodontics that will fit conveniently into your lifestyle, with no social awkwardness. Let’s have a look at what we can offer.

Invisalign clear braces

This is a leading brand of cutting edge braces which straighten your teeth through use of clear thermo-plastic, custom-made aligners or trays that fit over the teeth like a discreet mouth guard. They’re virtually invisible, so the people you speak to may be unaware that you’re even wearing braces.

You will receive a new tray every couple of weeks from your dentist, with each one made slightly differently, with a view to furthering the journey of your teeth to their final, straighter destination.

Although there may be very slight discomfort for a couple of days at the beginning of each new tray, this treatment is not painful. The greatest advantage with this method is that the aligners are removable, so as long as you’re wearing them for roughly twenty hours of every day, you’ll still get all the benefits, but without having to compromise on going out to a social occasion, because you feel self-conscious. You can simply take the trays out for eating and brushing your teeth as normal.

Damon clear braces

Similar in appearance to the Invisalign trays, Damon Clear braces also fit snugly over the teeth, but with a major difference that they are self litigating; they’re adjusted using a slide mechanism. They’re a great alternative to fixed metal braces, because they’re far more discreet. With both the Invisalign and Damon Clear braces systems, 3D computer imaging will be used prior to the treatment to show you exactly how perfect your smile with your newly straightened teeth will be.

Six Months Smiles

Train track style braces are a very accurate method of tooth straightening, but what puts many people off them, is their very obvious appearance and the length of time they’re required to be worn, which in some cases, can be as long as two years. Six Months Smiles takes the accuracy of fixed metal braces and makes them more discreet by using ultra clear ceramic brackets and tooth coloured titanium nickel wires. The amount of time they can be worn is also limited to just a few months. This is because Six Month Smile concentrates on straightening only the teeth at the front of your mouth; the social six, that can make or break a smile (and a contract!) If you’d like to benefit from short, effective, discreet orthodontic treatment, Six Months Smiles might be the perfect choice for you.

To find out which braces are going to suit you best, please give our experienced dental team in Manchester and Stockport a call on 0161 947 9900 or visit our contact page. We can book you in for a consultation that will explain all possibilities, prices and potential results with a view to finding the best option for you.