Although less than perfect teeth might greatly benefit from a few months of being straightened, many of us are reluctant to enquire about the possibility of having braces in Manchester . This is probably because when we think of braces, we picture a mouthful of metal, which will draw more attention to our teeth than our misaligned teeth would ever do. It’s hard to picture the longer benefits of living with straighter teeth because our instincts tell us it’s not a good idea to wear a brace. At Heaton Mersey, we have options.

We want to let you into a little secret. Orthodontic technology has made such huge leaps in the past few years that the days when wearing a fixed brace was your only option are long gone. These days you can be wearing braces, which are working hard to pull your teeth into a more attractive position, without your friends or co-workers even being aware that you’re doing so.

By the time your braces are removed, there’s a good chance that the same people will wonder when you had your teeth straightened because they were unaware of your orthodontic devices. Let’s have a look at the different types of discreet braces we offer here at the Heaton Mersey practice in Manchester with a view to finding the best options for you.

Invisalign braces in Manchester
Forget brackets and wires, with the removable Invisalign system, your braces will resemble a thin see-through mouthguard that has been custom made to fit snugly and precisely over your teeth. Your teeth will still be visible but the aligner tray will be working to drag your teeth into a new desirable position.

Several aligner trays will be required to bring your teeth from their starting positions to their final ones, with each playing its own part in the journey of your teeth. You will visit us every few weeks to have a new tray fitted. As the trays are removable, you take them out to eat and brush your teeth, which means you won’t have a socially awkward moment during which you’ll have to surreptitiously extract food from your braces! This is often the case with traditional braces.

You’ll also be able to keep your teeth thoroughly clean, something that is harder to do when brackets are involved. Invisalign braces can fix many orthodontic problems, but the treatment times vary according to the severity of your alignment issues.

Six Month Smiles
With a treatment time of 4 to 9 months Six Month Smiles work fast. They are very effective at shifting your front 6 teeth; the social six as they are known, into a more flattering position. To do this you will have translucent brackets bonded to the surfaces of your front teeth and a tooth coloured wire applied to them. The wire will be periodically adjusted to help create your new beautiful smile. To find out if you are suitable candidate for such quick orthodontic treatment in Manchester, please give us a call to book your consultation.

We offer a 0% finance package to help you spread the cost of your treatment over a longer time period and we do also provide NHS prices for eligible candidates, but please bear in mind NHS braces are of the fixed metal variety.

If you’d like to find out more about the braces we fit, either for yourself, or on behalf of your child, please give us a call. During a consultation, we’ll be able to examine your teeth with a view to providing you with valuable orthodontic advice. Please get in touch.