You’ve heard of Invisalign and Six Month Smiles because we’ve previously told you all about their benefits and how they work, but what are Damon braces? Is there much difference between this brace system and the other cosmetic braces we offer, and who are they suitable for?

How Damon braces work (and what makes them different)

Damon braces are unfairly likened to traditional braces because they are ‘fixed’ and visible on the teeth. This doesn’t give them the credit they deserve for their advanced technology that pro;motes less discomfort than traditional teeth straightening methods. The Damon system uses a passive self-ligating method which basically means they don’t force your teeth into position. They use no elastic or metal ties around the bracket, instead using a sliding mechanism that guides your teeth along the connective wires. Your teeth have free movement to gradually slide along the wire into a straighter position rather than being forcibly pulled and yanked by connective apparatus. This lessens the unwanted tugging and friction caused by unrelenting elastics, making the treatment comparatively more efficient and comfortable.

Who is suitable for Damon braces?

Damon braces are suitable for almost all orthodontic cases. In fact, a lot of adults opt for this brace solution because of the lessened discomfort and the choice between Damon braces and Damon Clear. The latter treatment option uses the exact same technology, but instead of having metal brackets you can have clear brackets that let your natural tooth colouring shine through. This way you can receive all of the power of the Damon brace at a more discrete treatment commitment.

Can my teenager have Damon braces?

Of course! Damon braces in Stockport are suitable for all who fall under its remit. Growing up and going through puberty is difficult enough as it is – dealing with changes in the body, lifestyle, and social life can make a teenager feel self-conscious. Damon Clear is the simple solution to easing your teenager into braces and achieving them a straighter and easily maintainable smile for life.

What to know if you have fixed braces like the Damon system

Braces require a little bit of a lifestyle change, but luckily these are only small and manageable changes (and some of them you should be doing anyway!). We’re going to guide you through certain things to look out when you have braces.

  • Always brush your teeth! Brushing, flossing, and rinsing is very important when you have braces, because an uneven tooth surface can lead to food becoming trapped between the wires. If left to fester, this debris will attract bacteria that will whittle away at your enamel.
  • Avoid foods like apples, toffee, crusty bread, and bagels. These foods will get stuck in your braces and pull at your brackets and wires – not comfortable! Whole apples can’t be eaten, but you can chop them up into smaller pieces and eat them this way.
  • Don’t use whitening products while you wearing your Damon braces. Whitening toothpastes and teeth whitening treatments, whether at-home or in-practice, will whiten the surfaces of the teeth it can get to but not those hidden under the brackets. This means you will be left with little spots of your teeth’s previous darker colours when you come to removing your braces! Use toothpaste and products that don’t contain whitening agents to ensure your smile is spotless post-treatment.

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