What are my options?

1. Clear Braces

These are a revolution in orthodontics: clear, removable and comfortable. Our patients love how flexible they are and they can make treatment feel much more discreet. One of the best brands we offer is Invisalign, which is a leading name in the industry and has treated a whopping 5 million patients around the world with these inventive aligners.

2. Lingual Braces

These are a type of brace that fastens to the back of your smile. While they are a kind of fixed brace, they’re much more discreet than others because people generally can’t see the backs of your teeth. They can be a little tricky to keep clean, though, so do ask our top dentist for advice on the best products to use for that perfect clean.

3. Fixed Braces

This time fastened to the front of your smile, these are the more traditional style of brace that involves wires and brackets. Nowadays, some ‘invisible’ fixed braces are on offer, though it’s only the brackets that are clear, as the wires must be made of metal and can only be tooth-coloured. Bear in mind you’ll also likely need to wear elastics with these.

4. Social Six Braces

These focus on the central six teeth in the mouth, which are often the ones that have problems and are the most visible in your smile. Chat to our dentists about your options here, and we’ll be happy to help.

A few quick questions...

To round off today’s post, let’s just answer a few quick questions about braces.

1. What Is The Best Type of Orthodontic Brace?

You’ll need to book a consultation to find out! That’s because everyone’s smile is different and we want to find your ideal match.

2. Are Orthodontic Braces Expensive?

No, teeth straightening doesn’t have to be pricey. It depends what you choose and how long your treatment will take. Our experts can advise you too.

3. What Happens if I Do Not Have Teeth Straightening?

If you’re suffering jaw pain, tooth wear and bite problems, these will only get worse over time. It’s why we recommend contacting our orthodontists as soon as possible for teeth straightening treatment.