Visiting your orthodontist is incredibly beneficial to your overall dental and oral health. We recommend visiting us as often and as regularly as you need because we will never turn you away. If you’re experiencing problems with your bite, crooked teeth, or have questions regarding these, you should consider visiting our Manchester practice.

Why should you visit your orthodontist?

We’d recommend visiting us in Stockport if your teeth are crooked, you’re experiencing problems with your bite, or your jaw feels uncomfortable. This is because a misaligned bite can cause a lot of discomfort, disfigurement, and functionality problems. You may not even realise you’re experiencing discomfort or a problem until you meet us, so we’d always recommend a visit just to make sure. If you’ve already undergone a procedure with us, pop back in and say hello! Come in for a check-up, which we readily encourage, and let us know how you’re getting on.

What does an orthodontist do?

Your orthodontist treats all areas of your bite and how it sits together. This could be how your jaw aligns, how your teeth fit together, and their function in chewing and biting. We can help straighten your teeth and correct your bite, which come hand-in-hand with a world of health benefits.

Do you need specialist training to become an orthodontist?

Becoming an orthodontist requires extra training on top of dentistry. As a specialist field, you require a 5-year Bachelor of Dentistry degree before obtaining a Master’s degree in orthodontics. Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre has been correcting the teeth and bites of our patients for over 17 years, so not only are our amazing team qualified but incredibly experienced. We would be more than happy to meet you for a consultation.

What are the health benefits of visiting the orthodontists?

Visiting your orthodontist has incredible health benefits you may not have realised. Straightening your teeth has far more of an effect on your mouth that just your cosmetic smile. For example, you could lessen your chances of gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath by closing any gaps in the teeth. This limits any exposed gum and tooth surfaces, so food and bacteria can’t manifest there and erode your teeth. Straightening your teeth can also have a positive effect on how your jaw fits together, lessening the wear and tear on your teeth and jawbone. Jaw problems can cause discomfort as a knock-on effect in areas of the body you may not have realised. The shoulders, neck, and head can all be affected by improper jaw function, so a visit to your orthodontist can be very beneficial.

When should I bring my child?

We’d always recommend bringing your child to the orthodontist from the age of 8 onwards. We recommended introducing them to us early because, even if nothing is amiss at the time, we can spot some potential issues early. The jaw is still developing at this age, so it’s far easy to rectify any problems. This also allows us to educate you and your child on the best ways to look after your teeth and what to keep an eye out for, so you’ll know when to visit us again.

What if my orthodontist recommends braces?

The jaw is easier to mould when it’s still developing and young, but this doesn’t mean adults have missed the boat on braces. In fact, more and more adults are beginning to see the benefits of adult braces. We offer a wide range of teeth straightening methods to suit all severities, needs, and budgets, so we can find the right solution for you. Why not take a look and see for yourself?

Visiting your orthodontist regularly is very important to maintaining excellent dental and jaw health. You may not have realised you’re experiencing a problem until you visit us, so if you have a hunch then you should definitely pay our team a visit. Book your first appointment today online or speak to a friendly member of staff today on 0161 947 9900.