According to the Independent newspaper 17 million people in the UK are single and the biggest portion of them live in the city of Manchester. Could this have anything to with a lack of confidence in our teeth? If that is the case, our Heaton Mersey dental practice in Manchester can change around our fortune in love in as little as just 4 months, using the discreet and revolutionary Six Month Smiles system.

Six Month Smiles braces will correct most alignment issues that affect the front 6 teeth, or the ‘social 6’ as they’re known. Whether your front teeth stick out further than you’d like, they overlap, or they contain gaps, this orthodontic device will push your teeth into a more flattering position in your mouth using a firm, but gentle force. When the treatment is complete, your facial appearance will be significantly improved and you’ll have a winning smile of which you can be very proud.

What does the Six Months Smiles process in Manchester involve?

In the first instance, you’ll need to arrange a consultation with our expert orthodontist, to assess the alignment of your teeth and ensure that the Six Month Smiles braces will effectively correct your dental concerns. Once you have been assessed and you’ve decided to go ahead with the treatment, photos and impressions of your teeth will be made.

The braces are of a fixed nature, consisting of brackets and wires. The orthodontist will bond the brackets to your front teeth, before then applying the wire to them. You’ll need to visit us here at our Manchester practise several times during your treatment, ideally every 4 to 5 weeks, in order to have adjustments made to the wire. This tightening of the wire is what keeps your teeth moving in the right direction.

Unlike traditional metal fixed braces, Six Months Smiles braces are very discreet. Few people will notice that you’re even wearing braces at all, given that the brackets are transparent and the wires are the same colour as your teeth.

The average treatment time is 4-6 months, then the braces will be removed and your front teeth; the teeth that people see when you smile, eat or talk, will be straight and more aesthetically pleasing. Tooth straightening is likely to have an extremely positive effect on your outlook and the way you view yourself.

What are you thinking? Do you fancy a boost to your confidence for 2017. Are you ready to start approaching people with a new, beautiful smile? We can help. Why not come and have a chat to a professional member of our Manchester-based dental team and ask any questions you may have about what’s involved. We can talk about prices, finance plans that will help you spread the cost more affordably and the fitting process. Using our before and after gallery photos, we can even give you an idea of your new perfect smile will look. Please get in touch today.