In today’s post, our experts – who regularly treat patients in Stockport and surrounding areas – will talk through life after braces, so you know exactly what to expect once treatment ends. Read on to find out more.

You may experience some discomfort after braces

If you’ve had fixed braces, and these are now being removed, your teeth will need to get used to their new freedom. You might find the process of brace removal slightly uncomfortable, as you’ll feel a sensation of pressure, though our expert dentists will do their best to be gentle – and you may well be used to the sensation of pressure as it’s used to straighten your teeth!

Sensitivity to food and drink can occur temporarily after you’ve had your braces removed, too. You might need to adjust your diet for a few days, avoiding things that are too hot or cold to ensure you’re comfortable eating and snacking.

For those who have had aligners, you can just remove them as you would normally – and you’re good to go!

You might need a professional clean

After having fixed braces, your smile is likely to need a bit of TLC in a few areas, as it can be tricky to clean teeth while wearing them.

Whether it’s fixed braces or aligners, teeth whitening may also be recommended, as this can boost your smile be several shades and be the finishing touch to your treatment.

Shades of teeth Whitening (Manchester, Stockport)

You will need retainers

Your teeth are tricky things – even when they’ve been straightened, they can settle into more relaxed positions, as there is no longer pressure applied to keep them where they should be. That’s why a retainer is needed after treatment – and this goes for any type of brace.

You will need regular check-ups

Braces treatment is only a small part of caring for and enhancing, your smile. You’ll need to attend regular dental check-ups with our dentists to ensure your teeth are clean and healthy for the future, and to minimise the risk of dental concerns – be it decay or gum disease. To book in with our expert dentists for a check-up, get in touch with the team today.