So, what are damon braces?

Damon braces are a type of fixed metal brace. They’re known for being comfortable and more discreet than other kinds, though they aren’t as ‘invisible’ as clear brands, like Invisalign.

damon braces infographic. more comfortable and discreet than any other kinds of fixed braces however they aren't invisible or removable like invisalign clear braces. (Invisalign manchester)

How do damon braces work?

One of the main differences between damon braces and traditional fixed braces is that these are self-ligating, which means you don’t need to wear cumbersome elastic ties while undergoing treatment. Instead, the braces use a lightweight wire and sliding brackets that can be adjusted with minimal pressure on the teeth, while still exerting enough force to gently reposition the teeth.

Why have damon braces?

These fixed braces are considered a low-pain alternative to traditional fixed braces, which require slightly more pressure to align the smile. They’re also incredibly discreet, because they are worn on the backs of the teeth. Finally, you won’t have to worry about ties and elastics while cleaning them, which can make them easier to navigate with a toothbrush.

How long do damon braces take?

It really depends on the patient; the condition of their smile; what treatment is needed; and whether the patient has undergone orthodontic treatment in the past. Treatment can be as quick as 8 months or so; or as lengthy as 24 months. Happily, our Manchester dentists will work with you on a treatment plan so you know a bit more about what to expect.

Will I still need to see a dentist during treatment?

Absolutely. Your dentist not only cleans your mouth, teeth and gums, but can check for signs of diseases like oral cancer, and spot signs of decay early. With fixed braces, they can also check that treatment is on track, and make any adjustments you might need to your brace.

Fixed damon braces start at £2,950 and go up to around £4,400 – but this really depends on the complexity of treatment. We can advise you on this during your consultation. (Prices correct at time of writing in November 2022. Check our price page for details).

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