If you live in Stockport and you’ve been researching invisible braces then you’ll probably have discovered two things. The first is that Invisalign is a leading brand that is respected globally and has treated the misaligned teeth of over 4 million patients worldwide successfully so far. Also, these braces are available from the Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre near Stockport!

When choosing the type of braces that are going to best fit into your lifestyle, it’s important to bear in mind that you’ll be visiting your dentist regularly throughout the treatment period, in order to have your braces adjusted, or in the case of Invisalign, to have new aligner trays fitted. This is why if you live near Stockport, our Heaton Mersey practice is going to be a handy choice for you.

You also need to think about how prominent you want your braces to be. There may be a difference in price between traditional fixed metal braces and Invisalign clear braces, but let’s consider the benefits of Invisalign over a brackets and wires set-up. Invisalign braces are very discreet and will not trap food. Additionally they’re easy to keep clean and comfortable to wear.

Getting the right Invisalign provider

When embarking on Invisalign braces, it’s important that you consider the provider who’s going to fit you with the braces, oversee your ongoing treatment and ensure that you receive the 3D results you saw on the computer screen during your initial appointments. Dr Bhatti has been fitting Invisalign braces for over 13 years. Should any unexpected problems occur with your braces, you will have a very experienced Invisalign provider on hand to help solve them.

Why do we champion clear braces?

Having fitted a great number of patients with Invisalign braces, we know just how effective they are at straightening teeth, as well as how discreet they look once fitted. They allow for a smooth journey from start to finish and provide you with optimal results, that you’ll see before the first aligner tray is even fitted.

Don’t leave your orthodontic treatment up to chance in Stockport and Manchester, when you can opt for a very experienced orthodontist and braces that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, without causing you unnecessary social awkwardness.

We’d like to invite you to a free consultation with Dr Bhatti to find out more about how you could have a greatly improved smile in a matter of months using the Invisalign system. There’s no need to worry about not being able to afford these top of the range braces either, because finance plans put them within everyone’s budget. Please give our friendly reception team a call today to book your consultation.