Invisalign clear braces: they’re great for kids, teens and adults. Why? Well, you’re about to find out! In this post, our expert dentists share some advice and information about Invisalign clear braces, including keeping them clean, when (and how) to wear them, and what the treatment process involves. Whether you’re just dipping your toe into orthodontics or you’ve already started treatment, we hope today’s blog helps you feel confident and reassured – and of course, if you need any help or have any questions or queries about anything tooth related, give us a call and we’ll be happy to book you in.


The best thing about Invisalign clear braces in Stockport, Manchester has to be how discreet treatment is. Nobody needs to know you’re undergoing orthodontics, and we definitely won’t tell if you don’t! Teens especially can be self-conscious about their smiles and appearance in general, so it’s a good choice for anyone wanting to have the confidence boost of a straighter smile while having treatment on the down-low.


Our patients here in Manchester love how easy Invisalign clear braces are to remove. Simply slip them onto your smile – and off again! Store them in their special case when they’re not being worn to prevent loss or damage, and don’t forget to remove them for cleaning, eating and a little break when you need it. One last thing: make sure you get 20-22 hours’ wear per day. That’ll help keep your teeth on track!


No wires and brackets here! Invisalign clear braces are made from a comfy acrylic that’s shaped to your smile – even as it changes over treatment. That’s because you’ll be wearing a new set of these special aligners every couple of weeks or so. Although when changing aligners you might feel some slight pressure, rest assured they’re doing their work (and are likely more comfortable than the fixed alternative!).


Yep, you heard right! Invisalign clear braces are, incredibly, available on 0% finance. All you’ll need to do is pay a small deposit, then make the most of your gorgeous smile – which should last a lifetime.  


The treatment process is straightforward – from start to finish! Get in touch with us to book your Invisalign clear braces assessment, and if it’s still right for you, we’ll go ahead with arranging your treatment here in Manchester. With results sometimes showing in a matter of months, you might not have to wait long to get that straighter smile!